Carma AXLR8R


Every single day, millions of people around the world choose to drive to work alone.

They willingly prolong their commute, maximize its cost, and dramatically increase their carbon footprint. This problem has reached epidemic proportions, because people don’t realize they have a choice.

Well, now they do! Our mission is simple: “to empower people to break away from the tyranny of the modern commute.”

This has already begun thanks to Carma Carpooling, with thousands of people using our app to get to work together. Every single day, these people are saving money and time, not to mention making their lives a whole lot greener.

But with over 1 billion cars on the planet, more needs to be done – and soon. That’s where you come in!

The Carma Axlr8r is a venture fund which focuses on entrepreneurs building technologies to solve the same problem. It offers seed funding ($25,000) as well as the office space and mentoring necessary for developing great ideas into viable companies.

The basic goal of the Carma Axlr8r is to supercharge this revolution in the way we think about commuting. Our inaugural program ran Spring 2015. Stay tuned for details about the next Carma Axlr8r!